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On Sunday, March 6, the end of a four-day weekend that had already included Telluride, Silverton, Purgatory, and Hesperus (and four hotels in four nights), we drove north from Durango to the town of Silverton. It’s a cool little place, a former silver-mining outpost, and if you turn right on East 14th Street, you’ll end up at the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area, which, during winter months, has a chairlift cranking and a couple dudes hanging out in the ticket “office.”

And, on that particular Sunday, a dad and his two boys wrapping up a pretty monumental Ski All Colorado weekend.


There isn’t a lot of terrain. Skier’s right is a wide, gentle slope; to the left is a road known as Mad Dog that leads to a handful of short trails that bisect the pine tree forest. That’s about it. There’s no way any of the runs took us longer than 30 seconds. But the boys thought it was cool. Mainly because the dudes back in the office thought it was so cool that we were there at all.

“We’re skiing at least one day everywhere in Colorado,” I told the guy.

“Oh, wow,” he replied. “That’s awesome. And I’m psyched you included little Kendall Mountain. We’re small, but we’re going to be growing. Spread the word.”

Consider the word spread, my man (as much as I can spread it anyway).

It’s funny, of all the crazy stories and great memories from our winter of much content, when it comes to photographs, Michelle captured my absolute favorite shot of the season while Dade, Roan, and I were walking over to Kendall’s single chairlift  to finish our big weekend. Here it is:


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  1. Indeed, that is a great pic of you guys. I’d never heard of Kendall Mountain… but I have now! Thanks for sharing!

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